The AYN Odin Super Dock promises a lot of neat features, and so in this video we’ll take a deep-dive look at everything it can (and can’t) do, and whether it’s a good fit for your use case. Also, yes it can function as a Nintendo Switch dock, too.

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Gear featured in this video:
8BitDo SN30 Pro controller:
Betop controller:
Anker USB-C to HDMI adapter:
Anker USB-C hub:
8BitDo Arcade Stick:

00:00 introduction
01:17 unboxing and impressions
02:15 installing the HDD/SSD
03:30 hardware testing
06:22 docked bluetooth performance
08:34 USB controller performance
10:51 GameCube controller performance
13:54 using an external HDD/SSD
18:19 video out (without a dock)
20:40 Nintendo Switch and more
22:14 8BitDo arcade stick testing
23:24 summary and conclusion

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