This month we’ve got some more PS4 developments, featuring a way of customizing the EMC (Southbridge) functionality as well as a hands on look at Icon Mask. The PS5 also gets a demo here on ModChat for the first time with a WebKit exploit released and working for firmware 04.03! We also have some more Xbox 360 developments with PicoFlasher, allowing users to utilize an affordable Raspberry Pi Pico as a NAND programmer! J-Runner gets a fork in the form of J-Runner Pro, and we even touch up on the PS2 with a piece of homebrew by the name of M-PS2Craft.




0:00‚Äč – Intro
1:19 – PS4 EMC (Southbridge) CFW
6:06 – Icon Mask for PS4
10:47 – PS5 WebKit Exploit on 04.03
20:05 – PicoFlasher for Xbox 360
24:33 – J-Runner Pro for Xbox 360
27:03 – M-PS2Craft for PS2


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M-PS2Craft for PS2:


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