In this video, we’ll check out the AtGames Legends Gamer Pro! This retro gaming console includes 150 licensed games, can connect to a PC/Pi and play purchased Virtual Pinball tables. We’ll play some of the included games, add more with CoinOpsX, play a pinball table and provide some helpful tips. Check out the AtGames Legends Gamer Pro Guide for the latest information at:

00:00 – Intro
00:55 – Unboxing
02:38 – Gamer Pro Setup
05:37 – Game Play (included games)
08:10 – Wireless Pairing
09:33 – USB Setup
10:49 – Pinball Game Play
11:30 – CoinOps X
13:12 – 7 Gamer Pro Tips
16:33 – Outro

Items shown:
• Where to buy the Legends Gamer Pro:
• Anker 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub (Amazon):
• SAMSUNG 32GB Flash Drive (Amazon): (if not planning on using CoinOpsX)
• SAMSUNG 256GB Flash Drive (Amazon): (great if using CoinOpsX)
• MicroUSB Push On Off Power Switch (Amazon):
• b*nQ (Atari 7800 on AtariAge):

AtGames Guides:
* Legends Gamer Pro:
* Legends Core MAX Guide:
* Legends Pinball Mod Series:
* Legends Gamer Mini Guide:
* Legends Ultimate Mini Guide:
* Main Legends Ultimate Guide:
* Main Legends Pinball Guide:
* CoinOpsX Guide (Horizontal):
* CoinOpsX Guide (Vertical):
* Legends Core Guide:

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