In this episode, we take a look at a new way to netbook your SEGA Naomi hardware using the SEGA NetDimm.
This technology is not new but it’s something I started playing with so I figured I would share it with you.

The solution uses a Pi and broadcasts a Wifi network you can connect to from a cell phone, tablet or laptop.
You can then discover your NetDimm, set advanced settings, browse the pre-installed catalog of games and load them to the NetDimm.

Some of the pre-loaded games consist of Virtua Fighter 4, Marvel vs. Capcom 2, Capcom vs. SNK, Radirgy, as well as Atomiswave titles like Metal Slug 6, Dolphin Blue, Samurai Shodown VI, and many others.

It’s a really slick solution if you’re looking for a way to modernize your Sega Naomi Arcade setup!

Links to Naomi Pi “WiPi Netbooter”.

WiPi Netbooter image download:

WiPi Netbooter User Manual:

WiPi Netbooter Features:

-Memory check bypass for faster game loading
-Time hack – no need to use a zero pic on a Naomi/Naomi 2
-Multiple netdimm support per system (Naomi, Naomi 2, Triforce and Chihiro)
-Hotspot Wifi and Home Wifi/Wired network support with DHCP or static IP addressing
-Netdimm firmware upgrade for type 1
-16 x 2 LCD and 3.5 inch touchscreen support
-Single boot mode for automatic game loading
-Compressed game roms so everything fits onto a 32GB micro SD card (SanDisk 32GB recommended)
-Curated, standardised romset thanks to @Murray
-OpenJVS support thanks to @bobbydilley (requires additional adaptor)
-Beta OpenFFB support thanks to @Fredobedo007 (requires additional adaptor)
-Card reader emulator for Initial D, Wangan Midnight and F-Zero games thanks to @winteriscoming (requires additional adaptor)
-NFC Card support for card emulator save games
-Card printing in the web interface for Initial D, Initial D2, Initial D3 and F-Zero AX
-On screen menu for choosing and loading games that runs on the Naomi/Naomi 2 thanks to @DragonMinded
-No more triforcetools! backend now uses @DragonMinded’s netboot suite
-Server mode for automatic and unattended netbooting
-Update function added so no more giant downloads
-Updated PDF documentation by @sdufus

Things you will need:

Hardware: SEGA Naomi, Naomi2, Triforce or Chihiro
RaspberryPi: v3B, 3B+ or 4B
Memory Card: 32GB Micro SD (Class 10 recommended)
Ethernet RJ-45 Cable: Crossover Cable
NetDimm: Running Firmware 4.01 or 4.02
Naomi BIOS: Up to date Bios Japan, or Export (search for 21576 for Naomi 1 / 23605 for Naomi 2)
Here’s a link to the BIOS files if needed:

Additional Information about Netbooting SEGA Naomi via NetDimm:


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