This month sees a brief return to the PS1 right at the beginning with a look at MCTOOL, a TonyHax and FreePSXBoot installer! We also see some awesome advancement for the PS3 in the form of Project RSX Boost. Some more enhancement patches for PS4 games come out with ALL of the FromSoftware games getting homebrew patches to fix their framepacing issues! Many more homebrew ports for the Vita come down the pipeline with the release of YoYo Loader, a loader for virtually any game made with Game Maker Studio to run on the Vita. The long awaited 16 TB Xbox 360 kernel patches release to the public in BETA form, as well as some news of a native PC port of Ocarina of Time! Finally, we talk about a recent leak for the Switch, showcasing a Game Boy and Game Boy Advance emulator! Maybe something to come down the pipeline in a future NSO update? Stay tuned!




0:00 – Intro
1:03 – MCTOOL TonyHax & FreePSXBoot Installer
4:30 – Project RSX Boost for PS3
8:59 – Framepacing Patches for PS4 FromSoftware Games
12:10 – YoYo Loader for Vita
17:13 – 16 TB Xbox 360 BETA Patches Released
26:40 – Ocarina of Time Ported to PC
28:11 – GBA/GB Emulators Leaked on Switch


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