A lot of excitement for the PS4 and PS5 (and possibly even PS3) with a new entry point showcased using BD-J! This being “bd-jb” showing the possibility of jailbreaking the PS4 and PS5 using a Blu-ray disc burned using the BD-J format. We also go back to the PS1 showing PicoMemcard which is a useful way of making a PS1 compatible memory card you can easily hook up to a PC using a Raspberry Pi Pico! The original Xbox gets an awesome development showing that RAM upgrades are now possible on 1.6 motherboards. The Wii U also gets a pretty awesome Recovery Menu option thanks to the release of UPDIH which can be launched using the oh so familiar Raspberry Pi Pico. We also highlight an awesome writeup covering the Xbox 360’s architecture and an upcoming N64 emulator plugin called RT64.




0:00 – Intro
1:09 – bd-jb for PS4 & PS5
20:58 – PicoMemcard for PS1
23:54 – 128 MB RAM Upgrade for OG Xbox 1.6
27:30 – UPDIH & Recovery Menu for Wii U
31:43 – Xbox 360 Architecture Writeup by Rodrigo Copetti
36:55 – RT64 N64 Emulator Plugin


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