In this episode we take a look at Street Fighter II Rainbow Edition, the illegal rom hack developed and published by Taiwanese hacking group Hung Hsi Enterprise Taiwan that would change the Street Fighter series FOREVER!

What did this strange version of SF2 offer that made it unique and how did it influence the creation of Street Fighter II Turbo Hyper Fighting?

Fast Forward:

0:00 Intro – Story Behind Rainbow Edition
3:22 Gameplay
7:32 Final Thoughts

Do you have a Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition or Hyper Fighting Arcade Machine?
Want to try out Rainbow Edition?

Note: Use the drop-down and select Rainbow Edition

Get the EEPROMs here:

Warning: You can only Upgrade pre-existing Champion Edition boards or Hyper Fighting boards.
This WILL NOT WORK with Street Fighter 2 World Warrior board sets.

Watch a super fun Rainbow Edition Tournament :

Compilation of Street Fighter clips taken from YouTube. Sources include:

The Forbidden Street Fighter Game – Gaming Mysteries

Street Fighter 2: Rainbow Edition Arcade Cabinet

The Making of Street Fighter II

[STREET FIGHTER 2] Here Comes A New Challenger – Trailer (2021)

Street Fighter 2 Documentary


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