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DOSBox Pure Core Download For Dev Mode: https://github.com/schellingb/dosbox-pure/releases/tag/0.9.7

3DFX Voodoo Drivers: https://www.philscomputerlab.com/drivers-for-voodoo.html

Midi Soundfont: https://www.philscomputerlab.com/general-midi-and-soundfonts.html

With the latest version of DOSBox Pure, Windows 98 is now easily able to be run under any instance of Retroarch! Even better is that there is now support for 3DFX Voodoo hardware allowing for a multitude of early 3D PC games to be run beautifully. In this video, I show you how to get the whole thing set up to run on an Xbox Series X|S. Do remember that at this time USB mice are not supported but USB keyboards are and I would recommend hooking one up to make your life much easier!

0:00 – Purpose
0:11 – Intro
1:10 – Install Retroarch
2:47 – Download Latest DOSBox Pure Core (Dev Mode)
3:10 – Install Latest DOSBox Pure Core (Dev Mode)
5:01 – Set Up Your Windows 98 Install Media
6:31 – Download 3DFX Voodoo Drivers
7:34 – Add Windows 98 Disk/Drivers To USB
8:30 – Optional Download Midi Soundfont
8:56 – Optional Add Soundfont To RA System Folder
9:12 – Windows 98 Game Prep
10:52 – Boot Retroarch
11:04 – Load Windows 98 Installer In DOSBox Pure
12:09 – Mouse Setup
12:51 – Virtual HDD Set Up
14:33 – Install Windows 98
17:55 – Windows 98 First Boot
18:51 – Desktop Resolution/Integer Scaling Demo
20:26 – HDD Explanation/Settings
21:34 – Install Voodoo Drivers
27:53 – Installing Games
30:02 – Note On Controls
30:58 – Making A Playlist
31:44 – Installing More Games
34:32 – Showing Some Shortcomings
35:58 – GOG Games Likely Won’t Work
36:26 – Changing Disc’s On Multidisc Games
37:12 – Emulation In My Emulation!
38:53 – Outro/Support

Video transitions made by Zachary of andyshat.com

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LDSGamers, McClaz, Zerro0713, SMWiz, Damon, Will, Russ Crandall, DJ_Femur, Max Su, Mister Lindon, HamsterGT, Manuel Garcia, and Turtleback

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