Insignia is a replacement for the original Xbox Live 1.0 service designed to work on original Xbox consoles in the same ways the original service did. This goes beyond LAN tunneling services such as XLink Kai or XBConnect, as Insignia is designed to truly use the original Xbox Live capabilities that were deprecated over ten years ago. Gamertags, matchmaking and all similar to how it was back in the day!

At the time of release of this video, Insignia is still currently in private Alpha testing, with a public Beta testing date to be determined. The Insignia team was kind enough to invite me to become a private Alpha tester and helped organize a large testing session in which the gameplay in this video was captured from. Not only do I share my experiences and gameplay here, but I also answer several questions the community asked about the Insignia service.

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This video has been made with Fair Use in mind and has been created as an educational piece of media.



0:00 – Introduction
1:41 – My Experience with Insignia
7:17 – What games will be supported?
8:23 – Which softmods or hardmods will work?
9:55 – Will stock consoles work on Insignia?
12:11 – How is user account data being secured?
13:22 – How can we claim a Gamertag?
13:45 – When is the public beta?
14:19 – Is accessing the original Xbox Dashboard required?
14:36 – Is voice chat supported?
14:43 – Do friends list and messaging features work?
15:17 – Will Insignia be open sourced?
16:32 – Will this work on Xbox emulators?
16:55 – What’s the status of DLC and Title Updates?
17:26 – Final Thoughts


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