In this video we’ll unbox, assemble and check out the Elecrow CrowPi L – a real Raspberry Pi 4 laptop for learning programming and electronics! Of course, you don’t have to use the CrowPi L for electronics, but it’s fun and there are 40 Letscode lessons and 56 Python lessons included. If you’ve always wanted to turn your Pi 4 into a laptop, the CrowPi L may be what you’re looking for.

00:00 – Intro
00:45 – Unboxing
04:02 – Assembly
05:35 – CrowPi L Tour
07:23 – Software Discussion
11:30 – Crow Tail & Lessons
16:38 – Outro

Products Shown
• CrowPi L Raspberry Pi 4 Portable Laptop [Amazon]:
• CrowPi L Base Shield [Amazon]:
• Crowtail Raspberry Pi Kit/Sensor Kit [Amazon]:
• CrowPi-L Raspberry Pi Laptop + CrowPi-L Base Shield + Raspberry Pi Starter Kit (Raspberry Pi NOT Included) [Amazon]:
• Crowtail Starter Kit [Elecrow]:
• CrowPi L Product page [Elecrow]:
• Raspberry Pi 4 (4GB): (Often out of stock, click the Notify me button)

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