After a long wait for my pre-order to be fulfilled, my Steam Deck was finally available to ship out in late June 2022. Since the time I initially pre-ordered my Steam Deck to actually receiving it, my anticipated uses for it had changed quite a bit, but I was excited to see how my first PC in a handheld form factor would hold up. I decided to chronicle my experiences and thoughts over it in this video, after about two months of use. Why two months specifically? No real reason aside from this is about how long it took me to do a sit-down video like this over it.




0:00 – Intro
1:23 – Console vs. Steam Deck?
3:53 – Hardware I’ve Been Using
4:46 – This is now my laptop.
11:00 – Ordering a Steam Deck
13:26 – Physical Impressions
16:46 – PC Game Experiences
23:07 – EmuDeck Experiences
27:25 – Would I Recommend the Steam Deck?
31:30 – Final Thoughts (for now)


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