PicoBoot from webhdx is an incredible development in the world of GameCube modding, bringing an IPL replacement method to the console in an affordable and easy to access way! As opposed to typical drive chips such as the XenoGC, PicoBoot is a firmware you flash to a Raspberry Pi Pico to transform it into a superior modchip you can install to the GameCube itself, not merely being limited to the DVD drive. The end result being a fantastic software solution which allows GameCube owners to boot into homebrew easily when combined with a SD2SP2 or a SD Gecko memory card adapter! As an added bonus, this works on ALL GameCube hardware revisions, regardless of region. DOL-001, DOL-101, and even the Panasonic Q will work with PicoBoot!

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This video has been made with Fair Use in mind and has been created as an educational piece of media.



0:00 – Introduction
1:02 – A Rundown on GameCube Modding Methods
5:28 – PicoBoot Requirements
7:02 – Determining GameCube Revisions
8:57 – Hardware Installation Requirements
15:46 – Software Setup
18:43 – PicoBoot Setup
20:12 – Swiss Setup
27:07 – GameCube Disassembly
32:07 – PicoBoot Wire Prep
36:50 – Soldering PicoBoot Wires
41:41 – GameCube Reassembly
46:56 – Navigating Swiss
53:58 – Outro/Final Thoughts


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