labours of the Hero

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Labours of the Hero is a large scale quest triggered after obtaining the Hylian Shield. Link must face off against 13 bosses and will obtain an upgraded version of the Hylian Shield as a reward. This quest introduces various new areas such as a revamped Oakle’s Navel, The Royal Crypt, The Abandoned Mines, Roc’s Tower, and the Ancient Trials Shrine.

Ordon Village

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Named after the village from Twilight Princess this new area provides unique quests, NPCs and acts as a hub to many of the new content expansions including Labours of the Hero, The Blacksmiths, Food Expansion and the Wildlife Expansion.

Chest Fix

In the overworld there are 5 treasure chests that are bugged in some form. Either they are impossible to obtain due to their location, are placed in such a way it would take an hour to excavate or the chest is positioned in some way that the treasure sensor cannot pick it up. This mod fixes all those issues to enable the player to find and open every single treasure chest in the game without any issues.