In this video, we take a look at a rare arcade cabinet from “Moppet Video.”
Moppet video’s entire business strategy was to create games for children and younger people in general. Their cabinets were much shorter in height than the standard six-foot tall cabinet.: they usually stood just under 4 feet. These things are tiny! To the point where an adult would have to kneel or sit cross-legged to play them!

Moppet has a grand total of 5 releases listed on most arcade databases, all of which came out in 1982: Desert Race, Leprechaun, Pirate Treasure, Noah’s Ark, and Tugboat. Tugboat seemingly to be the most popular one, as that’s the one my peers often report in the wild, Noah’s Ark seemingly to be the more obscure; I’ve only seen it at conventions. Desert Race is almost mystical with their being very little documentation of it online. Noah’s Ark, in particular, is a rare Biblically themed arcade game. Leprechaun was a clone of another arcade game: Pot of Gold .


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