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The Getaway – Mission 7 – Filthy Business recorded in full HD.
The Getaway HD Walkthrough:

The kidnapping of Mark Hammond’s son leads him on a journey through London’s criminal underworld as he does jobs for the kidnapper, crime lord Charlie Jolson, in order to clear himself of his wife’s murder. Meanwhile, DCI Frank Carter searches through the empire for answers.

Drive through over 40 square kilometres of central London, realistically recreated. Explore London as a tourist, black cab driver or minicab driver. Features Two plot threads – play as victim and cop to get both sides of the story. Features over 60 minutes of cutscenes.

● Platform: PlayStation 2 (Recorded on Xbox Series S using AetherSX2)
● Recorded using OBS Studio
● Edited using Adobe Premiere 2023


In the original Pal version of the game, the phone van which Mark Hammond was to steal had the BT logo on it. However, BT complained about the use of its name and logo for the violent scenes of the game and asked for their name to be removed. Therefore, in Pal Version 2, the phone van is just an ordinary white transit.
This is the only mission for Mark where he can obtain an MP5, from dead SO19 officers.

Mark enters Snow Hill Police Station wearing the BT uniform. When Mark reaches Yasmin in the interview room, his outfit changes into his usual suit and tie. However, the BT uniform is on the floor, meaning that Mark wore the uniform over his own clothes and simply removed it before the interview room, infact, it’s possible to see his shirt and tie sticking out of the front of the BT Uniform.

The music that plays in the scene where Mark meets Yasmin was used in a live action trailer for The Getaway. The song is called Igor’s Revenge by Shawn Lee.

When you leave the interview room, there should be an unarmed cop who runs towards you. Take him hostage if you want to get away from the police station easily. Most of the cops will raise their hands and won’t try to kill you anymore, even if you shoot at them. However, be sure that Yasmin never faces your hostage or she will kill him.

When you have to get away from the police station, try to reach the back entrance, but be careful. As soon as you go outside, the door will begin to close. If you’re fast enough, you should be able to shoot the yellow box at the top of the door to keep it open. Now, take the unmarked Vectra and follow the traffic laws. Most of the time, the police won’t even notice you.
It’s not required to go to the Evidence Room, as Hammond can still grab cops to use as a Human Shield without a weapon then take their gun afterwards.