To finish off the year we’ve got some old hardware becoming new again, upcoming projects being announced, and a neat looking yet credible rumor to investigate! We take a look at the latest beta of GoldHEN together with SCANLINES being added in, perfect for retro titles! The RP2040-Zero makes an appearance possibly showing a new affordable hardmodding method for newer Switch models using an off the shelf component. The Raspberry Pi Pico makes an appearance with the announcement of Picostation, and open source ODE (Optical Drive Emulator) for the original PlayStation! Finally, we see what The Mod Shop has been up to with reversing and releasing open source boards of the original Xecuter 3 components!




0:00 – Intro
1:28 – GoldHEN Beta Adds Scanlines?!
8:05 – Pikofly RP2040-Zero Rumor for Switch
14:44 – Picostation PS1 ODE Announcement
17:34 – Xecuter X3 Control Panel Cloned
19:55 – Xecuter X3 Control Switch Panel Cloned


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