Hardmodding methods for the Xbox 360 come back once again with one of the coolest implementations I’ve seen to date in the form of RGH 3.0 from 15432! While previous RGH methods required a glitch chip, different timing files, playing around with different wire routing methods, RGH3 eliminates a lot of that by completely omitting the need for a glitch chip! Why use a glitch chip when we can use the console to glitch itself?! Aside from the NAND wiring, the only other installation in the console is simplified down to two wires and a resistor. That’s it!

This video will walk through the process of discussing RGH3, discussing prerequisites, and stepping through a full Xbox 360 Phat disassembly to get RGH3 installed. The installation itself will cover preparing the resistor, diode, wiring everything up to the console, and building ourselves a custom NAND for some homebrew goodness.

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This video has been made with Fair Use in mind and has been created as an educational piece of media.



0:00 – A Warning for Phat Consoles!
2:57 – What is RGH3?
5:15 – Motherboard Compatibility
7:04 – NAND Programmer Options
11:19 – Soldering Prerequisites
15:40 – Hardware Prerequisites
20:37 – Console Disassembly
28:41 – X-Clamp & Thermal Paste Removal
38:49 – Wire & Resistor Prep
42:17 – Preparing Points
43:57 – Soldering RGH3 Wires
45:49 – RGH3 Wire Cleanup
46:35 – Soldering NAND Wires
48:01 – Partially Rebuilding the Console
49:08 – J-Runner with Extras Setup
50:35 – xFlasher 360 Programmer Setup
51:10 – PicoFlasher Programmer Setup
52:51 – Building a RGH3 NAND
1:00:01 – Making a NAND Backup
1:02:01 – Teardown/Outro


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Octal’s Console Shop with J-Runner Download:

RGH3 Written Guide:

xFlasher 360:


How to RGH 1.2 a Xbox 360 Phat (Falcon/Jasper):

Aurora, Dashlaunch, and XeXMenu Setup:


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