The Pimax Portal is a hybrid VR gaming handheld with a powerful Snapdragon processor and detachable controllers. In this showcase, we go over the controls, software, VR functionality, and performance of the Pimax Portal.
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Pimax Portal Intro – 00:00
Controllers – 00:41
Ports and Features – 04:00
Pimax Portal vs. Switch OLED & Switch Lite – 06:14
Software – 07:49
Screen Mapping – 11:42
VR – 13:37
Benchmarks – 17:47
Android Gaming – 19:10
Emulation – 19:31

The device in this video is a media prototype and was provided to me for this video. If you decide to back this campaign, I will not make any money. The company also did not provide me with any financial incentive for this video.

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