DKOldies is an online retailer specializing in buying, selling, and trading video games, consoles, and accessories. Although they’ve been around for a while, they gained quite a bit of popularity within the past 2-3 years due to their TikTok presence. Although they’ve always been criticized for being more expensive than the competition, in recent times several YouTubers have purchased consoles from DKOldies and inspected them on camera. These consoles are proudly sold as “refurbished” but the results we’ve seen repeatedly have been shocking.

Multiple consoles have had issues on first boot, such as games not reading in a disc drive. Many have come in questionable cosmetic shape. Several have been dirty internally, and sometimes externally! Although the worst offense might be these consoles not having their thermal paste replaced.

I could have purchased a console from DKOldies, given it a teardown, and laughed about the lack of work done on the console for how much it costs. I decided against that and wanted to do something different, so in this video I take a console I picked up from a thrift shop and show DKOldies what they SHOULD BE doing to classify their consoles as “refurbished” units. Keep in mind I myself am not a professional, and what I’m demonstrating here should be the bare minimum level of work that DKOldies should be performing.




0:00 – Intro
1:34 – “DKOldies Refurbishes Their Consoles”
3:38 – What are we doing here?
5:42 – Takes notes here, DKOldies.
22:25 – Final Results


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