We have teamed up with Lost In Cult to produce a second book within the A Handheld History series, this time it’s dedicated to a special time frame. Buy a copy here 👉 https://bit.ly/3IN5Eku

The lovely team over at Retro Modding has exclusively sponsored this book to help us make it a reality. We will have standard and deluxe editions to choose from, with our deluxe edition featuring some goodies and your name in the book!

A Handheld History (2022) surveyed a four-decade legacy of hardware. Now, we mine deeper. A Handheld History: 88-95 will traverse the annals of time to uncover the stories behind both your favourite childhood titles and the tumbled curios which the medium forgot. We’ll meet the mavericks who gave them life, and we’ll trace their vision through the industrial context that defined this pivotal eight-year era. So, join us on a voyage through the low-bit landscapes, chiptune sounds, and developer profiles foundational to portable play.

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