The Sega Dreamcast was home to many amazing games, many of which have become absolute classics which are fondly looked back on even all these years later. However there is one game on the Dreamcast which didn’t quite reach this level of success; a virtual pet game where you look after a fish with a human head as it evolves through different stages of life.

Allow me to introduce you to Seaman!

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00:00 – Introduction
00:29 – History Of Seaman
00:52 – How To Play Seaman In Europe
03:22 – Dreamcast Microphone
04:31 – What Is Seaman?
05:22 – Leonard Nemoy
06:03 – Gameplay Mechanics
06:47 – Real World Timer
07:34 – Speaking To The Seaman
10:55 – Why Does Seaman Feel So Alive?
11:23 – The Death Of Seaman
12:09 – Reflecting On My Time With Seaman
12:44 – Criticisms Of Seaman
13:49 – Should You Play Seaman?
14:27 – The Future Of Seaman
15:34 – Conclusion


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