Starting with more Dreamcast news covering the iconic Daytona USA coming back for online play! Xbox-Scene makes a return in the form of a spiritual successor site. FlippyDrive, a new and super affordable ODE for GameCube, has been announced for an upcoming release! Some awesome PS5 news comes in the form of seeing the Secure Processor dumped, as well as improvements to existing tools allowing for some of the first game patches on both PS4 AND PS5 games running on the PS5! More news of Vita unbricking progress is now shown, Retail Homebrew on the Xbox is officially dead, Dolphin Foundation responds to claims about the Common Key, and a super awesome looking HDMI mod compatible with the PS2 was announced with much fanfare and controversy. Finally, Xbox 360 players rejoice over the Call of Duty games being fixed up online… And more?




0:00 – Intro
1:34 – Daytona USA is Back Online
5:20 – Xbox-Scene Returns
7:56 – FlippyDrive Announced for GameCube
13:13 – PS5 Secure Processor Dumped
16:04 – 60 FPS Patches on PS5
18:14 – Unbricking Any Vita Soon Possible
21:02 – Retail Homebrew on Xbox is Dead
24:41 – Apollo Save Tool for PS2
25:58 – WipeOut Phantom Edition
27:58 – Dolphin’s Response to the Common Key
35:53 – Retro GEM HDMI Mod Announced
44:04 – Xbox 360 Matchmaking Has Been Fixed?!


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