I’ve personally been soldering with a microscope for a bit now and have been pleasantly surprised over how much of a benefit I’ve had from it. Not only does it make daunting tasks much easier while soldering, but it has also had the side effect of increasing the quality of my work due to becoming more critical of seeing it up close and personal. This OBM501 microscope from Opqpq boasting a 10″ display, a 10″ stand, a nice metal base, and a polarizer seemed quite interesting to me. So when I was reached out to review this microscope, the feature set seemed promising and I took the opportunity in the hopes of replacing my main microscope I’ve been using with this one. With the bar being set, does it live up to the expectation I had hoped for?

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0:00 – Intro
3:54 – Review Disclosure
4:35 – Microscope Contents
7:37 – What’s up with these short cables?!
10:19 – Initial Setup
11:17 – Physical Features
12:39 – Software Features
14:35 – Charging a Microscope?
17:39 – All About the Lights!
19:42 – Camera/Recording Quality
29:08 – Final Thoughts & Recommendations
33:32 – Outro


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