We review the all new 8BitDo Nintendo 64 Controller Mod kit! 💰 Where To Buy: https://shop.8bitdo.com/products/8bitdo-mod-kit-for-original-n64-controller

The N64 controller is quite a sight to behold. With three handles, a single analogue stick and three separate back buttons, it’s a bit strange to say the least. However, because of this weird design, it often means that playing N64 games without this controller feels odd because they were made with this unusual design in mind.

8BitDo have taken this into consideration and created a mod kit which allows you to take any old N64 controller you have sitting around and turn it into a modern controller complete with wireless connectivity, a rechargeable battery and compatibility with the Switch and PC, allowing you to revisit those N64 games and play them with a more authentic controller.

Oh and did we mention that it also replaces that horrible old analogue stick with a hall sensor one too? Yep. This mod seems to have it all!

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00:00 – Introduction
00:27 – The Problem With Using Other Controllers
02:21 – Why Would You Mod a Controller?
03:49 – Installing the Mod
06:45 – Testing the Modded Controller
07:51 – Issues With the Mod
10:27 – Conclusion

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