There is a new feature coming to OnionOS for the Miyoo Mini Plus, which will let you set up easy ad-hoc networks so that you can play multiplayer without having to connect to a WiFi network. You can also trade and battle Pokemon for both the Game Boy and Game Boy Color versions of the game! In this video I’ll show you how to update OnionOS to the latest test version, and then how to set up ad-hoc Netplay and Pokemon trading and battling.

OnionOS update:

** Note that in the video I mentioned the saves will work across emulator cores, but it appears that if you want to use an older save file, it will need to be placed in the following folder on your SD card: Saves / CurrentProfile / saves / TGB Dual. The save file should be in .srm format. More info can be found in my OnionOS install guide:

Compatible games: Pokemon Blue, Red, and Yellow (GB) and Pokemon Silver, Gold, and Crystal (GBC). Pokemon mod games should also work provided they have link cable compatibility.

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00:00 introduction
01:06 update OnionOS
03:08 set up ad-hoc Netplay
06:35 Pokemon setup (Game Boy)
09:48 Pokemon setup (Game Boy Color)
10:49 cross-platform compatibility
11:42 summary and conclusion

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