Some news going from the PSP all the way up to the PS5! The PSP Go gets some love thanks to some PCBs crafted up to help get the console into service mode for unbricking. A homebrew receiver for the GameCube Wavebird controllers gets teased. We also see a tease for 120FPS patches on PS5 for some PS4 games, blowing right past previous news of 60FPS patches! The Xbox family of consoles gets some love in the form of a privilege escalation that works within Developer Mode. Finally, for fun we talk about Rockstar Games selling cracked versions of their own games on Steam.




0:00 – Intro
1:27 – PSP Go Jig PCBs
3:39 – Wavebird Receiver Prototype Teased
5:55 – 120FPS Patches on PS5
9:45 – PS5 Jailbreak Ported to 04.00 Firmware
12:16 – Xbox Developer Mode Privilege Escalation
15:12 – Rockstar Selling Cracked Games


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