This retro drive is cheap! Is it any good though? Play all your favorite games from Nintendo NES to Playstion 3 and everything in between.

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Capture Card |
Computer |
WebCam |
Headset |
Mic |
Tripod |
Good light:
Headset |
Nice SLR Camera |
Nice SLR Camera Lens |
Keyboard |
Mouse |
Backdrop support |
Green Screen |

**This video is for educational purposes-
@00:05 Introduction – 500gb fully loaded hard drive all set up out of the box
@01:17 Checking out the build going from oldest console newest console NES, n64, switch, ps, ps2, gamecube
@09:18 Checking out Launchbox Big Box
@10:38 First Install – Getting Started for first timers
@11:40 What Hard Drive do you actually get? Yes you need something running Windows OS
@13:17 Retro Gaming, emulation performance, Final thoughts on this build