Starting off this episode with another PS1 English translation patch, this one being released for the game Addie no Okurimono. Game Boy Advance lovers can rejoice knowing they can replicate some original PCBs thanks to the original boards being reverse engineered and released for free on GitHub! The PS5 gets some big updates, one being for bd-jb now updated to work up to firmware 7.61 for disc based consoles. We also have a big proof of concept teased showing PS5 game backups running for the first time on a modified PS5! We highlight an interesting addition to Insignia Live, with that being the Xbox Video Chat application being revived. Even better, if you can’t get an original Xbox webcam, would you believe that with a couple modifications you can use a PS2 EyeToy camera on the Xbox? If that’s not enough off the wall modifications to add into this episode, we also check out a prototype proof of concept of what could have been if Metal Gear Solid 2 released on the Dreamcast.




0:00 – Intro
1:35 – Addie no Okurimono English Patch
2:48 – Reverse Engineered GBA Boards Released
4:28 – bd-jb Working on PS5 Up to Firmware 7.61
7:12 – Proof of PS5 Backups Running
13:44 – Xbox Video Chat With a PS2 EyeToy Working on Insignia
16:55 – Metal Gear Solid 2 on Dreamcast?


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