This week in retro gaming, we saw a concept for a piece of new Nintendo hardware in the form of a patent leak which shows a device similar to the 3DS but this time, with a fully detachable second screen. It’s unlikely this device is the Switch successor and was probably just one of many ideas Nintendo were throwing around. But it’s still interesting to see nonetheless!

A brand new 3D Sonic game was announced called Sonic Dream Team, even though it’s only been a few weeks since Sonic Superstars came out! The catch here though is that this is a mobile game which is exclusive to Apple Arcade. Despite this though, it actually looks pretty good!

Finally, we can lay Mario Kart 8 to rest because the last piece of DLC is releasing on November 9th! It features not only two new cups worth of tracks, but also 18 Mii costumes and the ability to listen to the music from each track on the menu. A nice way to say goodbye to the game after it’s 9 years of support.

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