The XU10 is a mysterious handheld that came out of nowhere, with excellent build quality, good controls, and a stock firmware that’s not terrible. Let’s take a look at this device and see whether it’s worth picking up.

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This was a review unit sent to me by KeepRetro. All opinions are my own, they did not see this review ahead of time, and no money was exchanged in any way.

00:00 introduction
00:49 pricing and specs
02:27 unboxing and impressions
03:50 controls (d-pad, buttons, and more)
07:18 whoa, it’s an Analogue Pocket
09:22 buttons and pocketability
10:52 white model and teardown
12:52 software experience
16:19 game testing (retro systems)
19:52 N64, DC, Saturn, PSP
23:53 microSD card contents
24:35 summary (likes and dislikes)
26:54 conclusion

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