Lots of Kernel Panics? Crono launched a Zero-Kernal Panic. This Video is putting it to the Test with over 10-Attempts to see if you can really avoid those Kernal Panics. Be the Judge for Yourself!

Crono Exploits :

– Web Method :

– DNS Method Crono Exploit : (User Guide)
Primary DNS :
Secondary DNS : (Leave as is)

– USB Method :
1. File to place in the ExFat/FAT32 Formatted USB :
(Yes the file-name is different from the video, It’s been updated from the time I’ve shot & edited the video. However, same procedure)

2. Link to Cache USB data into User’s Guide (IMP NOTE : Ensure to clear website data & clear cookies before doing this IMP)

USB Cache (Basic Instructions)

– Place the above file into a FAT32 or an ExFAT formatted USB Drive with nothing but the downloaded & extracted file.
– From the Web Browser, Clear Cookies & All Website Data Which is Important.
– Plug in the USB Drive
– Access this Particular Link : https://devcrono.github.io/cacheusb/
– Let it run the Payload & Start Caching from the USB Drive
– It might take a few mins which is normal.
– When you receive the success message turn off the internet
– With the pendrive still connected go to the user guide
– Wait for the cache to load and then you can remove the flash drive.
– You’re Good to Go!

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ZERO KERNEL PANIC (Basic Instructions) :

– After Logging into your PS4, Wait for 1 – 2 Mins Before you Jailbreak (Either DNS or Web Browser)
– Do NOT have any USB Drive’s plugged in (You can plug it in after you Jailbreak Successfully)
– Insufficient Memory/Not Enough System Memory, You can ignore that. Re-Load the Page and Proceed.
– When you have the Error Message of “Jailbreak Failed” Ensure to click “OK” First and then Exit to the Main Menu with the PS button, Then Proceed to Restart Your PS4 to avoid a Kernal Panic.

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Please Note :
– Talking about the DNS Method, I’ve mentioned Phillipines. However, upon cross-checking it was ‘Indonesia’ – Just a correction there.
– This is just an Informational Video, Sharing my experience of Testing out an update/release so that you guys can see and decide if you’d like to try it out. Whatever you do, Do at your own risk.
– I Understand this is just a Host, You can choose to go with whatever version of HEN you prefer from the same website Such as the Official HEN 2.1.3 or the Updated or otherwise labeled ‘Unofficial’ HEN versions 3.0.0 etc
– Always Highly Suggest you to PSN Activate your PS4 with my Tutorial Above to officially Backup all your Save-Games & Do Database Backup before trying something new just incase anything goes side-ways. Better Safe than Sorry.

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00:00 – Introduction
1:12 – Instructions
1:50 – DNS Method
3:03 – USB Method
4:53 – First Attempt Test
5:55 – 10 Attempts Quick
7:40 – Results
8:40 – Conclusion