Remember When Halo Almost Wasn’t An Xbox Game:

In this video, Kurt chronicles the journey of Microsoft’s daring foray into the gaming industry with the Xbox through its many missteps, to its crowning achievements. Starting all the way back in 1998 with the console’s conception, the Xbox was the brainchild of Seamus Blackley, and entered the gaming market competing head on with Sony’s astronomically successful PlayStation 2. While going toe-to-toe with the PS2 was a steep uphill battle, Microsoft still managed to place itself among its contemporaries as a worthy competitor, outselling Nintendo’s GameCube that generation.

For the Xbox 360, Microsoft came out swinging a whole year ahead of the PS3 and Wii, and while that head start was pivotal to the console’s success, the 360 still faced many challenges along the way–most notably the infamous Red Ring of Death dilemma. Still, by the end of its lifespan, the Xbox 360 was hugely successful, and set the bar high for what was to come with the Xbox One. Unlike the Xbox 360, the Xbox One was a major misstep for Microsoft, but one that ultimately led to a historical change of course that that has led the company to its current vision and values heading into this next generation with the Xbox Series X/S. With Xbox on the cusp of its fourth generation, it’s suffice to say that story is far from over.