In this video, I get an all access pass to the Captains Auctions warehouse!
There are so many awesome arcade games in here! Let’s explore together and see what hidden Arcade gems we might be able to find!

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Fast Forward:

00:00 – Intro
01:13 – X-Men
02:20 – Rambo
02:49 – SEGA R360!
04:23 – The SWARM!
06:31 – Aliens Extermination
07:04 – Lost Land Adventure
08:37 – To Da Choppa!
09:16 – The Barn
11:15 – Building 2
16:05 – I’m Sinistar!
20:01 – Street Fighter 2 Rainbow Edition!
20:45 – Street Fighter 4 Gameplay
22:47 – What’s a Payphone?
24:43 – Outro


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