The Anbernic Win600 goes on sale starting tomorrow, so here is my final, in-depth review of the device after spending a week with it. It can play Windows 10/11, SteamOS, and Batocera with some impressive results, but is it worth between $300 and $400?

Buy one here:
Anbernic’s software repo:

My Win600 impressions video:
Batocera screen rotation tutorial:

00:00 introduction
02:30 specs and pricing
04:54 RAM timings tweak
07:30 software resources
08:31 Windows PC game testing
11:15 Windows emulation (PS2 & Switch)
12:43 Batocera setup
13:42 Batocera testing
22:42 SteamOS testing
24:50 RAM upgrade & streaming
27:45 summary (likes & dislikes)
31:13 price & competition discussion
36:40 conclusion

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