In this video, we check out my latest arcade game pickup. This is a rare
Sinistar cockpit! I believe only 200 of these were made so it makes it
ultra rare among arcade collectors! I’m very excited to have it and I can’t
wait to share it with you!

Joystick Centering Spider for Sinistar 49-Way Joystick

About Sinistar

Sinistar is a multidirectional shooter arcade game developed and manufactured by Williams Electronics. The game was released in 1983, though the in-game copyright notice reads 1982. Sinistar was created by Sam Dicker,Jack Haeger, Noah Falstein, RJ Mical, Python Anghelo, and Richard Witt.

In addition to the game’s roaring antagonist, Sinistar is known for its high difficulty level.

Sinistar was the first game to use stereo sound (in the sit-down version), with two independent front and back sound boards for this purpose. It also used a 49-way optical joystick that Williams produced specifically for this game.

The voice of Sinistar was recorded by radio personality John Doremus[8] and played through an HC-55516 CVSD decoder.

The 6809 source code for Sinistar is available at

Source: Wikipedia


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