One year after pre-orders began, the AYN Odin Lite is finally starting to ship. In this video we will take a deep-dive review of the device, and compare it against the Odin Pro as well.

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Odin playlist:

00:00 introduction
02:15 tech specs
03:12 price and availability
06:31 unboxing and impressions
09:44 LTE (cellular data) testing
11:27 comparison with Pro (WiFi, screen, battery)
17:08 HDMI video out
18:01 retro game emulation testing
19:23 Saturn, N64, Dreamcast, PSP
21:51 GameCube, PS2
25:10 3DS, Switch (Skyline)
27:13 Android gaming
27:52 streaming (Xbox, PlayStation, PC/Moonlight)
30:23 summary (likes and dislikes)
33:37 conclusion

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