In this episode, I take a trip to Atlanta to check out all the action at Southern Fried Gaming Expo 2022. I had to pinch myself that I got the chance to moderate a panel with Paul Niemeyer who did the Illustrations on the original Mortal Kombat Dragon Logo! Paul also worked on such iconic games as Tapper, TRON, Satan’s Hollow, Spy Hunter, WACKO, Midnight Marauders, and many more!

The highlight for me was meeting up with some great friends. Our world was rocked by the global pandemic in 2020 so getting out and playing Arcade Games and Pinball together, was EPIC!

The show had 80s arcade games, 90s Arcade Games, Modern Pinball Machines, Retro & Modern gaming consoles, and MORE!

Enjoy the sights and sounds of SFGE and I hope to see you there in 2023!


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