The GRS Build-A-Cade is a mini MultiCade! It allows adding your own classic arcade games to the machine and is a project you’ll assemble yourself. In this video, we’ll discuss the features, unbox it, assemble it, install the operating system, copy some games (two methods discussed), jump into some Game Play and swap the control panels. For much more on the GRS Build-A-Cade, please see the guide here:

00:00 – Intro
01:00 – Features
01:50 – Unboxing
03:56 – Assemble the Build-A-Cade
12:28 – Operating System Installation
13:34 – First boot and included game
14:28 – How to Copy Your Games (Network)
16:32 – How to Copy Your Games (USB Stick)
18:46 – Game Play Examples
20:36 – Available Control Panels
20:58 – Trackball Game Play
21:12 – How to swap Control Panels
22:10 – Spinner Game Play
22:48 – Review & Outro

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