Valve’s Steam Deck is the perfect storm of handhelds: it has an exceptional price-to-performance ratio, a large game library thanks to its Steam integration, and it is becoming more readily available every month. In this guide I’ll show you how to emulate your favorite retro (and modern) game systems using a handy tool called EmuDeck.

Full written guide:
EmuDeck wiki page:
EmuDeck Discord:
Steam Deck dock comparison:

All songs in the video were written by Our Ghosts and used with permission:

00:00 introduction
01:54 written guide and recommended tools
05:00 let’s install EmuDeck
09:12 adding games and BIOS files
12:01 configuring Steam ROM Manager
19:15 EmuDeck tools & new features
22:32 quick tips & tricks
28:48 summary & conclusion

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