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The most mysterious iPod ever made:

As Apple tries to find his way in the word again an impulsive decision by Steve Jobs turns into an adventure for a group of engineers that would define the future of handheld technology forever.

0:00 Intro
0:33 The fall and return of Jobs
1:11 The iMac
2:10 Napster and the MP3 revolution
3:35 The Rise of MP3 players
5:29 “We need to make a pocket sized music player”
7:08 Tony Fadell
8:32 PortalPlayer
10:13 “Managing” jobs
11:56 Final touches
12:35 The Battery problem
13:43 The reveal

10:00 This is particularly weird given that ARM was partially and Apple venture. I have no idea at the moment why their dev tools were Windows only.

Thank you to Patrick Willems for being the guest voice for Steve Jobs:

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Research and Writing: LowSpecAlex, F4mi
Voice over: LowSpecAlex
Editing: LowSpecAlex
3D animation: Windy, Divye
Art: Maiku no Koe
Spanish Translation, Audio editing and QA: Henrique von Buren
Thumbnail design: Maiku no Koe
VA director and sourcing: Jesús Hernández/Dubbing Home

Story of Audion:
On the Origin of the iPod:
On the Fadell side of the story:
On the PortalPlayer side of the story:
On Apple using ARM dev kits that only run on Windows:
On the real origin of the touch wheel:
On Steve Jobs throwing the prototype in an aquarium:
On the price and details of the Nomad Jukebox:

On the lawsuit that made mp3 players legal: Recording Industry Ass’n of America v. Diamond Multimedia Systems, Inc, 180 F.3d 1072 (9th Cir. 1999).

Steve Jobs by Walter Issac, page 865

Music by Epidemic Sound:
Stock Footage from Getty