Here’s to the first episode of 2023! We take a look at a whole slew of systems, first of all we cover ENLBufferPwn being disclosed impacting the 3DS, Wii U, and Switch! The DSi also gets some WebKit appreciation in the form of Stylehax, making access to homebrew easier than we’ve ever seen until now. PS4 gets some love with the PS4 CFW Toolkit release for reverse engineers. HENlo after being teased/announced years ago finally gets a release as well, which we see turned into a full jailbreak with HENlo-jb. The Vita gets even more love with NetStream, a new video player and streaming app for the console! RPCS3 gets a fantastic announcement, covering that ALL released PS3 games at minimum run on the emulator! L4T Ubuntu get an awesome release for ALL Switch models, allowing L4T Ubuntu to work on all models of the Switch for the first time. Sonic the Hedgehog gets a demo of all things working natively on the original PlayStation, and we shine a light on a relatively new English patch for the Japanese release of Aconcagua. Finally, we delve into an article from Eaton showing how Microsoft attempted to speed up the Xbox 360’s Dashboard late into the console’s lifecycle.




0:00 – Intro
1:27 – ENLBufferPwn Disclosed for Nintendo Games
7:28 – Stylehax Released for DSi
8:52 – PS4 CFW Toolkit Released
12:04 – HENlo and HENlo-jb Released
16:06 – NetStream for Vita
16:56 – RPCS3 Can Now Run All Released PS3 Games
18:12 – L4T Ubuntu Working on All Switch Models
20:06 – Sonic the Hedgehog Demo for PS1
21:57 – Aconcagua English Patch for PS1
25:32 – How Microsoft Sped Up the Xbox 360 Dashboard


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