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Xenia Canary for UWP now has a working front end! In this updated video I will take you through getting it set up and running. One of the nice features of this build is that it finally allows you to set your config folder path to USB!


This guide will help you set up Xenia Canary, a front-end emulator, for the Xbox Series X and S. A big thank you to Sir Mangler and the contributors for developing and updating this tool.

Supporting the Project

Before you start, consider supporting the development of Xenia Canary by donating through Sir Mangler’s coffee page. Your contribution, however small, can significantly help this project’s growth.

Getting Started

Decide if you want to install Xenia Canary in Dev mode or Retail mode.

  • Dev Mode: You need to set up Dev Mode first. You can refer to my wrenchwork setup guide [link provided in the original description].
  • Retail Mode: Join the gamer 13 Discord and wait for them to post the app links for you to add to your Microsoft account.

Once decided, go to Sir Mangler’s GitHub page, download the latest version of Xenia Canary, and install it on your Xbox.

Adding Xbox 360 Games to USB Drive

Ensure you have a USB drive set up correctly, formatted to NTFS with proper security permissions. Once that’s sorted, add your Xbox 360 games to it. Xenia Canary requires games in extracted formats. ISO files will not work on Xenia Canary. Use the extract-Xiso tool from Xbox Dev to extract them. After extraction, delete the original ISOs to save space.

Changing Xenia Configuration to USB Drive (Optional)

You can save your Xenia configuration over to your USB drive so you won’t have to worry about backing up saves with each update. Create a new folder on your USB drive (e.g., named “Xenia”) for this purpose.

Setting Up Xenia Canary on Xbox

Unplug your USB drive from your computer and plug it into your Xbox. If this is the first time you’re using this USB drive on Xbox, and it asks you to format it as media or game storage, choose media.

Now launch into Xenia Canary and head over to the paths tab. Set your config folder’s path to the one you created on your USB drive. Close out Xenia Canary and relaunch it to confirm the changes have taken effect. Now add your game directory.

Playing Games

Navigate to the games list, and select the game you want to play. Note that it may take a while for the games list to load up, especially if there are many files.

Editing Settings (Advanced Users)

There is a new settings tab with the front end where you can change several settings. However, as Xenia Canary is a work-in-progress emulator, changes should be made at your own risk as it might cause or fix crashes and other problems.

And there you have it, Xenia Canary set up on Xbox Series X and S with a new front end. Keep in mind that as a work-in-progress, there might be some issues and glitches, but the ability to emulate Xbox 360 games on your Xbox Series X|S is very promising.

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