Owner of the largest arcade in the world, Doc Mack (aka Ghostlord) has spent nearly 3 decades working on a video game that he believes has the potential to supercharge a struggling industry: Dark Presence. Inspired by the original Mortal Kombat games, a teenage Doc set out to create a live-action fighting game that surpassed his influences in every way possible. Armed with a consumer camcorder, an improvised green screen, and a cast of friends and family, Doc landed a derelict insurance office to serve as a makeshift filming studio. After 8 days of furiously filming and breakneck story creation, they had arrived at a game… or had they? Ghostlord and the Quest for Dark Presence follows Doc’s journey through multiple reshoots, a mysterious illness, suburban curses, surprise iguanas, and a nearly assassinated landlord. From pitching wealthy Texan investors in his bedroom at his parents’ house to induction into the video game hall of fame, Doc has come a long way. But the real question is: will Dark Presence ever be completed? Join Ghostlord’s quest, accompanied by a slew of industry legends and luminaries, as we seek to find out.


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