Baryon Sweeper for the PSP gets a big update allowing it to currently unbrick nearly every model of the PSP out there! In more PSP news, CheatDevice Remastered for the Grand Theft Auto games goes open source. Following last month’s news of PS1 ODE devices, we get even more news with the successor of the xStation being announced, this time being a solderless solution called the mStation! In original Xbox news, we see the official Xbox Wireless Adapter get reversed as well the Xenium Black Ice being open sourced. Project Stellar also has a lovely enhancement for those special Xboxes out there with upgraded CPUs, with a small showcase of enhanced game compatibility looked at here. The Switch homebrew tool Lockpick has been taken down, so we look into that as well covering what happened and why? A preview of an upcoming GameCube jewel mod is teased from Laser Bear Industries, and finally we take a brief look at the homebrew port of Zelda’s Adventure to the Game Boy!




0:00 – Intro
1:22 – Baryon Sweeper Updated for More PSP Models!
6:49 – CheatDevice Remastered Goes Open Source!
9:15 – mStation for PS1 Announced
14:22 – Xbox Wireless Adapter Reverse Engineered
16:18 – Xenium Black Ice Reverse Engineered
19:09 – Project Stellar Enhanced Game Compatibility
24:07 – Lockpick_RCM Taken Down
30:46 – Picklock_RCM Rises
35:10 – GameCube Jewel Screen Mod Coming Soon?
37:01 – Zelda’s Adventure Homebrew Port to Game Boy


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