The Super Console Arcade X3 gaming console by KinHank included 50k built-in games allowing you to easily connect it to a TV/Monitor and start playing! You can also connect it to a PC or various other gaming consoles and use it as an Arcade gaming stick controller. Let’s check it out!

Super Console Arcade X3 [Amazon/USA] –
Super Console Arcade X3 [Amazon/Canada] –

00:00 – Intro
00:38 – Unboxing
02:24 – Available ports
02:57 – Quick comparison with 8BitDO Arcade Stick
03:35 – Quick Tour and Tips
07:42 – SNES Game Play
08:10 – 3DO Game Play
08:30 – PS1 Game Play
08:42 – Saturn Game Play
09:13 – Dreamcast Game Play
09:39 – Atomiswave Game Play
10:16 – N64 Game Play
10:48 – PSP Game Play
11:24 – PC Connection and more
12:33 – Outro

Review Video of the Super Console X (original):
Review Video of the Super Console X Stick:
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