There is a new PCVR headset in town!
The DPVR E4 is a brand-new PCVR-ONLY headset! This means no video compression and access to all your SteamVR games.
The resolution is the same as the Quest 2, combined with a higher FoV.

And the biggest feature for me, you can flip up the HMD to see everything around you!

Buy it here:
Official DPVR Store:
$50 off coupon: techdunk

DPVR Discord:

0:00 DPVR E4 Introduction
0:26 Unboxing time
4:14 Initial Thoughts/Review
4:24 Screen (resolution, FoV)
4:34 Glasses user beware
4:47 Software IPD only
5:28 Fresnel lenses, but good
6:09 Build Quality (flip up HMD)
7:04 Software
8:32 Audio
10:15 Recommendations

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