A bit of old and new for this episode of ModChat! The Original Xbox gets some love in the form of the LPC Mangler and accompanying LPC Recovery Tool released as new open source projects. A FlippyDrive update for GameCube comes about, now showing some amazing promise of being able to retain the DVD drive and have the ODE installed as a drop-in solderless addition! A lost Doom prototype developed on the Dreamcast in 2000 has been found and released. The 60FPS patches for PS4 and PS5 games shown in the last episode have been released, with some amazing ones so far including a much desired patch for Bloodborne! Baryon Sweeper also get additional progress shown, now confirmed to be working on the PSP Go. Finally, we talk about the sad news of the upcoming Xbox 360 marketplace closure coming up next year.




0:00 – Intro
1:12 – LPC Mangler and LPC Recovery Tool for Original Xbox
3:47 – FlippyDrive ODE for GameCube Retains the DVD Drive
6:18 – Doom Prototype Found on Dreamcast
10:45 – 60FPS Patches on PS5 Released
13:37 – Baryon Sweeper Working on PSP Go
16:41 – Xbox 360 Marketplace Will Close July 2024


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