We review a variety of the Kaico HDMI adapters to see if they’re still worth buying in 2023. There’s a lot of extremely high quality upscalers on the market nowadays which can breathe new life into your retro consoles, making them look better than ever. But with this quality also comes a high price tag.

However, Kaico are offering much more budget friendly HDMI adapters for your classic consoles but the question is, are any of them actually good?

N64, SNES, Famicom & Gamecube: https://geni.us/dlP0ex
Dreamcast: https://geni.us/Y1K44
Nintendo Wii: https://geni.us/6J1Ki
Playstation 1: https://geni.us/zX3cLAl

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00:00 – Introduction
01:17 – How Do They Work?
01:51 – N64 Quality Comparison
02:42 – Dreamcast Quality Comparison
04:39 – GameCube Quality Comparison
06:30 – Wii Quality Comparison
07:26 – Overall Thoughts
09:24 – Conclusion

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