Plug-and-play hard drives have all consoles, arcades, and handhelds from Atari Nintendo Sega and PlayStation.

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**This video is for educational purposes-
@00:00 Introduction to the build – Coinops, Bigbox, Hyperspin, AND Retrobat
@02:30 All the systems Hyperspin (Nes, N64, PS1,PS2,PS3,PSP,Wii,Switch, Mame, EVERYTHING)
@08:07 Coinops front end
@09:16 Launchbox
@09:34 Launchbox Bigbox
@10:40 Sony PSP Games Full Set
@11:41 Nintendo 3DS Full Set
@12:01 Playstation 3 Full Set
@14:38 Nintendo Gamecube Full Set
@15:52 What is in the box? Actual Hard Drives
@16:12 What exactly is it and what is included – Why is it worth it?
@18:50 Files and file structure What does it looks like on your computer
@20:19 Setting it all up – first boot
@21:35 Final Thoughts / Emulation / Gameplay / Retro Gaming