In this video, we explore the various modifications I’ve installed on my Stern Pinball Godzilla machine! These mods, including some of the most sought-after ones, truly give the machine a unique character. The custom powder-coated paint adds an extra layer of distinction, making this pinball machine unlike any other!

Here are all the links to the MODs I used if you’re interested in buying them for your Godzilla Machine!

Godzilla Custom Side Armor by Stern:

Speaker Light Kits w/ 5.25″ Speaker Mount Upgrade:

Godzilla shooter knob by Stern:

Oxygen Destroyer by High End Mods:

Godzilla “Lolly UFO” mod by Stumblor Pinball:

The Tokyo Neon” sign by Stumblor Pinball:

The Mechagodzilla Interactive shield MOD:

Godzilla Naegele Oil Building by Diddy’s Pinball Mods:

Godzilla Pinball Subway Buidling And Sign Upgrade MOD by Mezel Mods:

Godzilla Pinball Theatre building upgrade by Mezel Mods:

Godzilla Pinball Noodle Building MOD:

Interactive TESLA COILS from Mezel MOD:

Atomic Godzilla by Mojo MODS:

Boom Boom 3000 subwoofer MOD:

Invisiglass Non-Glare Playfield Glass:

Stern Godzilla Art Blades:

Godzi11a Inspired Street Ramp Decals:

Pinhedz Pinball Machine Anti-Reflective Glass Cleaner Kit:


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